Tick off response “guangzhou passengers were owners cut finger:” owner get banned   Travel released on January 29, tick “about guangzhou passengers take tick off by the owner cut finger case”, curre ntly involved owners platform has been permanently banned account.Passengers to January 27th, Mr Zhan g (not his real name) call tick travel security customer service hotline for feedback: on January 26th downwind car is clo se to in the process, will be arrived at the destination by the owner to ask price 100 yuan, after passengers do not ag ree, the two sides in a dispute over owners use knives to passengers finger cut.Read More →

  This province in the western region today night cloudy, overcast with light rain, clo udy to overcast elsewhere;Tomorrow during the day and cloudy to overcast, in the are as of southern province northwest overcast with rain and sleet or snow, other parts of the overcast with small to modera te rain;Tomorrow night along the huai Yin and huaibei area have sleet turn blizzard, province southeast Yin has small t o moderate rain;Rest Yin rain and sleet or snow, rain and snow medium, the provin ce east to north east 3-4 tomorrow lowest temperature: 1 ~ 2 ℃ in huaibei area, along t he Yangtze riverRead More →

  The original title: fuzhou city houses a fire one old man trapped were rescued   Fuzhou city fire Fire detachment deployed hundreds of firefighters to disposal   The scene of the fire, firefighters hold children escape the inferno.Fuzhou fire for your figure   PRC fuzhou on Jan. 27 (xinhua Yu Sha fang) on 27 January 18 18 points, fuzhou in fu jian province says ha tae-keung area (jia hui fu house fire across the garden.Fuzhou present disposal, fire d etachment were nearly firefighters more than an hour after the fire under control.   , fuzhou after fire detachment command center received a report to the police immediately seconded saysRead More →

  17, Britain’s prince Philip driving a land rover freelander, hit after another kia car overturned, he is fine, however, another car has 1 wounded.After 5 days, prince Philip, apologized to the victims, he explained that originally the road is very familiar with, but the dazzling sunshine he couldn’t see the front, and accident.   Prince Philip, 97, Britain’s queen Elizabeth ii’s husband.In a car accident happened two days later, prince Philip w as spotted driving the new car on the road again, this time even not wearing your seatbelt.   , according to the guardian, the daily mirror newspaper reported the accident occurred in 17 at 3Read More →

  On January 26, back to hometown fujian xiamen ancestor worship, with net friend m eet ling feng Zhang Xinyue side with a new girlfriend.The ling feng, dressed in a red coat, wearing glasses, hair become a bright spot.   The net friend to ask: is this really ling feng?Hair line?Why the people look so fat?   Last time, see the hairline, or in the male god, Daniel wu’s head.   You know ling feng just turned 40, was this year!!!!!   Is 40 years old, male star is really from the “law of zhao4 ben3 shan”?Just wish ling feng spritz hairspray!   Ling feng hometown this time again with newRead More →

  On January 25, Beijing time, at the wizards, warriors today finally warrior away the wizards harvest nine straight, the only 126-118.   State of the game, the warriors players to take an examination of hya cinth continue to improve, he was repeatedly inside, low back, strong screens require up everything, pe rformance is very efficient.Final exam hyacinth played 24 minutes, eight of 12 shots, three points in 1 scored 17 points and six rebounds and 3 assists 1 cap, 17 points and he is currently the warriors scored career high.   In the game, it is worth mentioning Cousins got back after the first technical foul.   TakeRead More →

Pascale Sellick from Exeter announced that she would marry her baby, a duvet, next month at a luxury wedding in Devonshire, England, on January 21, 2019. Pascale, 49, has issued an open invitation to anyone who wants to witness her love for her beloved bedtime partner. The artist Pascale describes herself as a “rude, showy person” who has “the closest and most reliable relationship” with down. The unusual wedding will be held at 2 p.m. on February 10 at Rudjemon Garden in Exeter, Devonshire, followed by a “free wedding party” at the Art House on the front street. Pascale Sellick from Exeter announced that sheRead More →

Yesterday, it was reported in the media that a deputy dean of Peking University International Hospital had been appointed by a number of physicians in the Department of Neurology of the hospital. Diagnosed as “moderate to severe dementia” and “dementia”, and repeatedly brush the medical insurance card to prescribe drugs. Except for the vice-president’s involvement. In addition to false diagnosis and treatment, it was reported that a deputy chief p hysician of anorectal surgery in the hospital would hold a doctor depending on whether the patient had a doctor or not. Guarantee settlement to increase or decrease illness. In response, the International Hospital of PekingRead More →

Today, the popularity of “Dayson’s founder became the richest man in Bri tain” has swept through microblogs and circles of friends. As a synonym of “black technology of household ap pliances”, Dayson’s every move attracts much attention. Last year, Dayson released a new generation of va cuum cleaner V10 and a new Airwrap curling bar, which attracted people to rush to buy. Among them, a new curling ro d, Tianmao, was sold out in advance for one second, and its popularity was evident. James Dyson ranks 83rd in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and the richest man in Britain It is the crazy rush to buyRead More →

In 1993, Sun Shen Health Products set a record annual sales of 1.3 billion yuan. Since then, China’s health products market has entered a period of crazy growth. A large number of health prod ucts companies have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, among them, Jianjian, Hualin and Infinite Pole Company. At the end of 2018, a submission by Dr. Clove, the domestic mass health media, put the Kwon Kin Group to dust. The day be fore, Mr. Shu Yuhui, the veteran of Kwon Kin, who had an infinite scene, became a prisoner the next day. Quan Jian’s collapse also sounded theRead More →